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While January has come and gone in a flash (thrilled to be done with the Januworries!) It can be tricky to find our feet as we face a whole new year, which is why tidying up and getting organised is even more important… especially since so many of us are (still) working remotely. 


Trying to balance work while doing life can be difficult and frustrating. Have any of you noticed an increase in chaos while working from home? Not being able to spend time on the small details of making our houses feel like a home or taking time out to get organised?


Well, we have your backs! We’ve put together a collection of our best baskets to help you easily navigate, organise and tidy up different spaces in your home or office. So that you can focus on the things that are ACTUALLY important!


Bathroom Basket Collection:

I mean listen, out of all the rooms in your house the bathroom is probably the last place you want to spend your energy, however these small intimate areas in your home should actually be a place you wish to enjoy and spend your time. A few small and easy adjustments to your lighting and storage can make all the difference so that your bathroom feels like an extension of the rest of your home. 

  • No more rolling around – store your toilet rolls neatly with the Fundo Oval baskets
  • Toiletry bottles, tubs and tubes can make a space look messy quickly! Pack your goodies into our Duku Katondo Storage basket to hide those unsightly bathroom plastics. 
  • No shelves or cupboards for towels? No problem, roll them up and store them in our Fundo basket!
Katondo Storage Basket

Living Room & Kitchen Collections:

While in this lovely South African summer, we can’t pack our blankets away fast enough, we urge you not to shove them away into any cupboard space you can find! Why not make them a feature in your home until the cooler temperatures return?

  • Our Zobzo Fringe or Nguema ranges of storage baskets are great for storing throws & blankets in a way that actually brings an element of style and texture to your space. These basket ranges come with handles which makes it perfect for moving around, so to our overseas community who are still dealing with wintery temps – keep your throws & blankets close by and easy to reach. 
  • Get spicy with your kitchen storage using our Katondo Storage baskets.
  • Toss your pet or kid’s toys in here for an ultra quick tidy up!

Bedroom Basket Collection:

Make your bedroom your own vacation getaway. A space from the outside world, a sanctuary for relaxation and mindfulness. Nothing says ‘tropical holiday’ quite like touches of tasteful hand woven textured decor. We’ve put together a list of baskets from our versatile range to help you move one step closer to achieving that serene bedroom space we are all dreaming of:

  • Store it like a pro:
    • Keep those undies & socks under control by neatly housing them in one of our Duku Sinan Storage baskets within your cupboard or drawer.  
    • Declutter your nightstand by allocating a space to all your loose bits and bobs. Our Talala Storage box is great for this. 
    • Don’t pile up your scatters in the corner on the floor, use our larger Nguema Tight Weave baskets for a simple but beautiful cushion dump! 
  • Jungle-fy! Because is there isn’t such a thing as too many plants?? Use our Talala basket for your pot plant needs.
Talala Square Basket

Office Basket Collection:

Don’t cut corners in your home office this year. You spend so much time here that it may as well be worth it! They say that a neater environment allows for a clearer and more focused mind, but who are we kidding – it’s called organised chaos! 

  • ⁠Books books BOOKS! Don’t they just look so much better stacked side by side in our Talala Storage basket?
  • Magazines, wrapping paper & stationery can be packed into our Sinan Oval baskets.
  • The Lundu Side table adds a touch of elegance and versatility as a stool for sitting on, a foot rest, as well as a side table.

Shop our full range of basketware for every space in your home:

Happy organising! You’ve got this!


The Ashanti Team