One of the wonders of our products is that every single item is an expression of the many hands that crafted it, so no two are the same.

Rather than choosing your style for you, this is a curated site of original one-off items, individually photographed and displayed under four subtly different colour ranges.


1. Explore the available options within each Colour Range.

There are usually 1 – 4 options under each range for you to choose from. Please give the site a chance, sometimes it takes an extra second to load a new image.

2. Add your favourite item to your cart.

The option you add to your cart is the exact item we’ll deliver to you. Once you select it, the photo is no longer displayed as a purchase option for other shoppers to see – you’ve bagged the only one!

3. Keep shopping, or check out.

Items will stay in your cart for up to 60 minutes before being released back into the shop for other shoppers to browse.

Want to buy more than one of the same product?

Awesome! As each item is unique, there is only one of each available, so everything needs to be added to your cart one at a time.

To buy more than one of any product on this page, please repeat the process of selecting the item you like and adding it to your cart.

What our colour ranges mean

Without getting technical, our signature Ashanti fabric is skillfully woven in different ways to create four different ranges: Bright, Dark, Pastel, and Faded.

All our products are alive with vibrance as per the photos, but ‘bright’ and ‘dark’ have a more bold feel, while ‘faded’ and ‘pastel’ are more muted.

To offer you more online variety, there’s up to four different items to choose from within each colour range. For even more variety, please get in touch and let us know what you’re after.