Our new nest in the Garden Route’s most inspired village

Old Nick Village


Whether you’re taking a leisurely mooch or turning up with intent, next time (or the first time!) you visit the landmark 19th Century Cape Farm Old Nick Village, come and say hello to us!

Known far and wide for its conscious and creative collection of merchants, artisans, and public appreciation spaces, when the opportunity arose for us to join this incredible high-end craft community, our vibrant wings took immediate flight!

The Old Nick Village believes in the creative potential of African and South African craftsmanship, art, and design. Their ethos is based on sustainability, ethical consumption, and honest respect for social and natural environments. From the fresh local Midweek Market and inspiring Tree Walk, to the antique power loom benches (complete with ‘The Waiting Loom, a place where good husbands wait for their wives whilst they shop’…) you’re in for a vibe of note on any day. And that’s before you’ve even checked out the resident merchant wares.

But before we get onto the details of our own awesome new nest, a special mention for another of our Old Nick neighbours; The Mungo Weaving Mill. An experience for anyone interested in reconnecting with how the things we love and use are actually made, or simply open to a spot of straight up transparent incredible cultural conception. Take a tour around this fully functional architectural wonder and see master weavers in action along with a showcase of looms from current day going as far back as the pre-industrial revolution.

So where in all this African magic might you find your favourite Ashanti creations?

We’re enjoying a most apt shared space with Indalo and Salt Clothing. So you can come and find true treasures for both yourself and your home in one shop that opens up onto a gorgeous courtyard leading to the eco pre-school. We love that both Indalo and Salt represent the same spirit of individuality as Ashanti, with locally sourced bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry of varying eclectic styles.

As for us, we’re proud to bring you most of our range, including our signature best-seller bean bags (the ultimate holiday home standout for comfy-cool). Bean bags come complete with our ‘commercial filling’—a combination of upcycled polystyrene beads re-crushed from rejected food packaging, and shredded foam waste from the mattress manufacturing industry in the Mother City. We’ve worked hard to get the ideal filling ratio here.

It’s not only lighter in weight than regular filling but offers an amazingly supported yet soft and fluffy seat. New home office chair anyone? Our only warning is you might turn into a workaholic!

You’ll also find a great variety of colour bursts to choose from to seal the deal with that boho-chic interior that makes every holiday home a better place to be. Cushions in all shapes and sizes, funky functional doorstops, oven mitts, and more. Plus an array of beautiful bags for every occasion.

And if you’re looking to build on the more earthy natural tones in your swallows nest, take your pick from our famous basket lampshades or hand-woven baskets for everything from laundry and firewood to console and cupboard storage.

Whether you’re re-energising your home or looking for a truly unique gift, come along and see what all the buzz is about. We dare you to leave empty handed!

For those who know us, hopefully it’s as clear as the African night sky why we’ve had no trouble at all feeling ecstatically honoured and right at home in this one-of-a-kind village extraordinaire. We can’t wait to welcome you in. As always, it’s wonderfully bright inside!

The Old Nick Village | N2, 3km east of Plettenberg Bay


Ashanti Design interior of our new nest