Bean Bags

Made in our signature Ashanti fabric, many refer to these as the “colourful bean bags” which are lovely made using off cut t-shirt material from the clothing industry. These offcuts are handwoven on traditional looms making each item completely unique and vibrant in it’s own way, a true one-of-a-kind piece for the whole family!


Spark up your style by carrying colourful Africa with you. Whether you’ve got tons to take or just the essentials, our handmade one-of-a-kind bags are the bright way to go.


We can’t get enough of these colourful cushions, made in our signature Ashanti fabric. We’ve designed a variety of sizes and styles to suit every need. Pairing well with our bean bags, the Bolster provides the ultimate support while our scatters add a splash of vibrancy to any room.


At Ashanti Design, we understand the importance of making your house a home and in keeping with our sustainability vision we have developed a range of homeware products using our own offcut fabric. Bringing you the chance to own a piece of Ashanti which serves its functional purpose and looks good doing it!


Handmade from a variety of plant materials, our range of natural lampshades are strong, light, and add a simple but beautiful texture to any space. Our upcycled t-shirt off cuts have also given us the opportunity to develop a range of fabric lampshades, meticulously woven into multiple different colours and shapes, brightening up your home, office or corporate space.


Our African baskets are handwoven from naturally and ethically sourced materials, making them beautifully functional and decorative pieces. Through our relationship with skilled artisans we are able to celebrate the resourcefulness and distinct aesthetic of Africa. Read more to see where our baskets come from and shop our wide variety of styles, from laundry baskets, to storage baskets.

Bedroom Collection

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  • Fundo Basket

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  • Lundu Side Table

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  • Mapanzi Basket

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  • Nguema Tight Basket with Webbing Handles

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  • Nguema Tight Basket With Leather Handles

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  • Sinan Basket

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  • Talala Basket

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  • Talala Storage Box

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