Fundo Basket


Sizes may vary slightly since all products are handmade.


Interlocking woven strips of palm leaf leave a lighter impression on this strapping young basket. Any items placed in here will have plenty of breathing room.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions N/A

20cm (d) x 20cm (h), 25cm (d) x 25cm (h), 30cm (d) x 30cm (h), 35cm (d) x 35cm (h), 40cm (d) x 38cm (h), 45cm (d) x 40cm (h), 50cm (d) x 43cm (h)


Kenya, Malawi, South Africa

Product Specifications

NOTE : Sizes and colour may vary slightly since all products are handmade using natural materials.

Fundo Basket, Size 20
Dimensions: 20cm (d) x 20cm (h)
Weight: 0,2kg

Fundo Basket, Size 25
Dimensions: 25cm (d) x 25cm (h)
Weight: 0,4kg

Fundo Basket, Size 30
Dimensions: 30cm (d) x 30cm (h)
Weight: 0,6kg

Fundo Basket Size 35
Dimensions: 35cm (d) x 35cm (h)
Weight: 0,8kg

Fundo Basket, Size 40
Dimensions: 40cm (d) x 38cm (h)
Weight: 1kg

Fundo Basket, Size 45
Dimensions: 45cm (d) x 40cm (h)
Weight: 1,4kg

Fundo Basket, Size 50
Dimensions: 50cm (d) x 43cm (h)
Weight: 1,8kg

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