Mahitzi Bean Bag #52

Mahitzi Bean Bag #52 – One of a Kind


The item you see here is the exact one we will send you, it is the only one in the world! Size when filled +- 140cm (l) x 110cm (w) x 35cm (h)

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Known as as the transformer, this is our most playful and versatile Bean Bag. Sit back in it, lie it flat like a giant floor cushion, turn it sideways, and prop your laptop on the front with great back support, the options are endless!

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions N/A
Product Type

Filled – South Africa only, Flatpack

Product Specifications

NOTE : The exact one you see in the picture is the one we will be sending to you, each bean bag has a unique thumbprint. All of our signature multi-coloured creations are handwoven using offcuts from the clothing production industry. Read more about our unique upcycled fabric here

Flatpack Mahitzi Bean Bag (without the filling, can be sent anywhere in the world)
Dimensions: 360mm (l) x 380mm (w) x 160mm (h)
Weight: 5kg

Filled Mahitzi Bean Bag (for South African deliveries only)
Dimensions: 1100mm (w) x 1500mm (l)
Weight: 14kg

Not quite what you were looking for? That’s alright, we got loads more to choose from! To get our full bean bag catalogue, please contact us.

Wash Instructions

How should I clean my Ashanti products? 
Most of our items come with a care label attached inside. Please read this for specifics, but most can be machine washed on a cold delicate or hand wash setting. These instructions only apply to colourful Ashanti outer fabric. Fillable items like beanbags, doorstops and windjammers have a non-washable inner that holds the filling.

Will the colours run if I wash my item?
Being made from up-cycled materials, our fabric may have variable colour fastness. It’s safest to wash your item alone or with darker colours on a cold temperature setting.

For more answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page here. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to us via email on


Where can I get bean bag filler?

Filler is generally easy to source worldwide. If you’re unsure of where to get it, try our global list of filler suppliers.

What kind of filling do I need?

Polystyrene beads. At this stage, we use a ‘regrind’ polystyrene bead in our filled bean bags. This is a type of recycled polystyrene bead that is grounded down from discarded electronic packaging. We would suggest that if you find a local supplier in your area to ask them about different options. We also offer the option of shredded foam filling on special request at an additional charge – this is considered to be more appropriate for commercial spaces.

How much polybead filling do I need?

Per bean bag, you would need approximately :

  • Baby Bori = 1,5kg
  • BoriBori = 6kg
  • Big BoriBori = 12kg
  • Jumbo BoriBori = 17kg
  • Mini Ejoro =2,7kg
  • Mahitzi = 5,5kg
  • Bolster = 0,9kg

This depends on how you would like your bean bag to feel – the more filling, the more rigid vs less filling for a softer feel.

Why can I buy some products unfilled?

We aim to be as conscious as we can when it comes to packaging, delivery costs and resources. All our filled items like bean bags, door stops and windjammers are specially designed to make filling them yourself simple.

This means we can offer you the option of buying these items unfilled for easier delivery or carriage. Our cushions can be bought with or without inners and our bean bags fit neatly into their own hand-luggage sized travel bag.


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