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Colour Ways: 'Inspired By Africa'

Colour Ways- 'Inspired By Africa'

Enamoured by the myriad hues of upcycled threads at our disposal, we’ve loved working with clients to dream up unique colour combinations to suit their projects. 

But this level of flexibility comes with its own set of challenges – without any standardisation it can be tricky to find a place to start.

A few months ago, one of our collaborators threw out an idea in a hazy afternoon brainstorm: what if we were to create a range of shades inspired by the colours of different African landscapes.

African Landscapes

While this may have been a fairly insignificant comment at the time, the entire Ashanti Design team soon became enthralled by the concept as we began frantically forwarding NatGeo images to one another.

About six months and many landscapes later, we’ve consolidated a standardised range of lampshade Colour Ways we’re calling ‘Inspired by Africa’. 

From the arid Sahara to the lush Knysna forest, from the Maputo cityscape to the shores of Lake Malawi, Africa’s rich tapestry of landscapes has inspired us to create 14 distinctive colour palettes.

In no specific order of importance, allow us to introduce them: 

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Chamarel, Mauritius

Knysna, South Africa

Lamu, Kenya


Maputo, Mozambique

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Lake Malawi, Malawi

Lac Rose, Senegal

Ada, Ghana

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Nakuru, Kenya

Alongside the digital examples, we’ve also woven together examples of these colour palettes which you can see in our showroom.

We can’t wait to explore these colour ways on our existing range of lampshades. We will be introducing them one by one, so keep an eye out on our socials for more information. 

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