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Bringing Light to Life

Bringing Modern African Lighting Solutions into your Space

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been mastering our techniques, perfecting our designs, sourcing sustainable materials and integrating weaving techniques from across the continent to create a collection of beautiful and functional objects.

This journey has brought us to what Ashanti Design is today – a design collective hand-weaving upcycled thread onto frames into a vast collection of inspired and contemporary lighting solutions.

Too often African design is relegated to the realms of craft, leaving architects and designers the world over hesitant to draw inspiration from the continent for fear of maintaining tired aesthetics.

We solve this problem, offering you the opportunity to work alongside us, our product designers and weavers to curate and create pieces which bathe interior spaces in timeless, exquisite and inspired light.

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A Colourful 20 Years

From the windswept shores of Mozambique to the vast fabric wastelands of Madagascar, from presidential convoys through the foothills of Malawi to anonymous shopfronts in the heart of Salt River, it’s been a colourful 20 years.

Explore Our Projects:

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  • Inspired Design

    Ashanti Design's in-house product design team is one of the most revered in the country. Bending the possibilities of metal and thread, we’ll work alongside you to bring your wildest dreams to life, in light. 

  • Expert Manufacturing

    From our production facility in Paarden Eiland we work with some of the most talented artisans to ensure each and every piece emerges without a fault. From the quality of our steel to the skill of our weavers, no detail is missed in our quest to produce world-class lighting solutions.

  • Ethics & Sustainability

    Every phase of our production process is examined through the lenses of economic, environmental and social sustainability. We believe in paying people properly. We believe in supporting our extended communities wholeheartedly. And we strive to leave a positive impact on the Earth. 

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Colour Ways- 'Inspired By Africa'

Colour Ways: 'Inspired By Africa'

A few months ago, one of our collaborators threw out an idea in a hazy afternoon brainstorm: what if we were to create a range of shades inspired by the colours of different African landscapes.....

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Visiting Our Weavers in Malawi

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A Malawian Adventure

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