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Project Spotlight: Lolebezi Lodge

Project Spotlight: Lolebezi Lodge

Nestled on the northern bank of the Zambezi River, where the wild heart of Africa beats to the rhythm of untouched wilderness, lies the captivating Lolebezi Lodge. This luxury Zambian haven marries contemporary elegance with a deep reverence for its wild environment.

Lolebezi is a combination of the owners’ son’s name, “Lole”, and “Zambezi”, underlining the importance placed on family in this special space. (

We’re so pleased that we got the chance to be a part of this beautiful project, working with the fantastic Fox Browne Creative. 

Creating lampshades that integrated into the lodge’s refined ambience while also paying homage to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Africa was a challenge, but the result was well worth it. 

‘It’s more a lodge than a bushcamp, with four enormous flat-roofed, railway-sleeper-clad, glass-fronted rooms set either side of a double-storey A-frame-shaped living space’ ( 

As you step into each of the tranquil suites, your eyes are drawn to the walls adorned with our elegant Weva lampshades. These luminous pieces give off a soft, enchanting glow, adding an extra layer of serenity to the surroundings. To complement the Wevas, our Salema lampshades illuminate the tables on either side of the beds.

The allure of Lolebezi Lodge extends beyond the confines of its interior and into its outdoor spaces. We had the pleasure of lighting the outdoor ‘relaxation’ spaces with our Tango lampshades. 

Each of our lampshades is delicately crafted by our in-house weaving team. We love how our thoughtful designs create a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional, all while serving the project’s needs. 

Lolebezi Lodge is an oasis where luxury meets wilderness. If you have a project that resonates with this spirit, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us. Allow our skilled artisans to weave their magic, just as they have for the extraordinary Lolebezi Lodge.

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