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Unleashing Creativity in Design Solutions

Unleashing Creativity in Design Solutions

In the world of design, hurdles aren't roadblocks but rather invitations to get imaginative. At Ashanti Design, we thrive on these chances, especially when they involve shaping unique and practical designs for our clients. Recently, we teamed up with the brilliant minds at Harrison to give a Nando's restaurant a fresh look, where two large concrete pillars were holding ground by the entrance. What followed was a journey of creativity and teamwork, resulting in a makeover that went beyond expectations.

Photo by Jonathan Banks Photo / Film


Reworking the Pillars The restaurant's towering concrete pillars posed quite a puzzle for our design crew. While they were structurally essential, they risked disrupting the entrance's flow and overall aesthetic. Traditional fixes might have been to hide or paint over them, but we saw an opportunity to innovate – a chance to turn potential obstacles into eye-catching features.

Photo by Jonathan Banks Photo / Film


Geometric "Collars" Inspiration struck during our brainstorming sessions with the team at Harrison, in the form of geometric "collars" designed to wrap around the pillars. These collars wouldn't just be for show; they would seamlessly blend the pillars into the overall design of the restaurant, tying in with the extra large Utuli Makulu we designed to hang above the dining area.

Photo by Jonathan Banks Photo / Film


Dimensions: 1200mm ø x 600mm H Material: Chosen to complement the restaurant's aesthetic while ensuring durability and longevity.


One standout feature of our collaboration was the assembly process. Knowing the logistical headaches of moving and installing large, solid collars, we came up with a plan that not only made the process smoother but also saved our client, Nando's, a bundle on packaging and shipping costs! The collars were crafted in two separate pieces, allowing for easy assembly on-site around the pillars.


Fusion of Form and Function The culmination of our teamwork was a visually stunning entrance. The once stark concrete pillars now stand as captivating focal points adorned with sleek, modern collars. This seamless integration not only lifted the space's aesthetic but also brought a sense of unity and balance. Our innovative assembly process highlighted our dedication to thinking outside the box while showcasing sustainable and cost-effective design solutions.

Photo's by Jonathan Banks Photo / Film

At Ashanti Design, we see challenges as chances to get creative. Our collaboration with Harrison on the Nando's restaurant transformation showcases our commitment to pushing design boundaries while delivering practical solutions for our clients. As we keep exploring new avenues of creativity and sustainability, we're excited about taking on more projects that redefine what's possible in design.

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