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Weaving Dreams and Shaping Stories: Ashanti Design's Journey with Joy from Africa to the World

Weaving Dreams and Shaping Stories: Ashanti Design's Journey with Joy from Africa to the World

In the heart of artistic innovation and collaboration, Ashanti Design proudly unveils its collaboration with the V&A Waterfront's Joy from Africa to the World festive campaign—a celebration that transcends mere artistry. It's a testament to the boundless possibilities when innovation in African arts, crafts, and design meets a purpose-led shared value business approach, creating not just a festival but a pathway to sustainable success.

 A Five-Year Odyssey: Nurturing Creativity and Collaboration

Over the past five years, the V&A Waterfront has embarked on a remarkable journey—a journey that challenges the norms of traditional handcraft and gracefully merges it with the principles of circularity and contemporary design. This year, the collaboration promises a visual spectacle, with large-scale showpieces meticulously crafted to spotlight the significance of preserving traditional handcraft while embracing the beauty of sustainability.

(Joy From Africa 2022)

Between the Mountain and the Sea: Weaving the Essence of Cape Town

Join us in bringing this year's theme to life—Between the Mountain and the Sea—a heartfelt tribute to the Mother City's breath-taking landscapes, iconic landmarks, and rich cultural tapestry. Ashanti Design was involved with weaving all the side panels and bottom circle of the life-sized cable car symbolizing the Table Mountain cable car—one of the 7 wonders of the world. Additionally, we wove the side panels of 12 carts attached to a replica of the Cape Wheel.

Sustainability Spotlight: From Waste to Wonder

Tinyiko Mageza, Executive Manager: Marketing at the V&A Waterfront, unveils the sustainability journey that began in 2017. Fuelled by a commitment to eliminating plastic waste, the initiative evolved to question the need for mass-produced festive decorations. The Joy from Africa campaign channels investment towards independent artisans, small local art, craft, and design businesses, and creative communities. By repurposing over 3000m of upcycled fabric, Ashanti Design transforms remnants into wonders woven onto these structures.

A Showcase of Diversity and Talent: Local Artisans Shine

The collaboration extends far beyond the V&A Waterfront, reaching artists, illustrators, and crafters from various communities across Cape Town and beyond. From Langa to the Karoo, from Imizamo Yethu to Senegal, diverse talents have been commissioned to create awe-inspiring art installations. Platform Creative, the agency curating these installations, mentors and supports local creative industries, championing sustainability and building circular economies.

Tradition Meets Innovation: Unveiling Old Favourites and New Discoveries

Revel in the joy of tradition with returning favourites—the giant Christmas tree, the Hot Air Balloon, and the giant books hosted by Book Dash. This year, witness the magic of the Cape Wheel and Cable Car collaboration with local designers, Ashanti Design and Monkeybiz, a testament to the constant innovation and reinvention that defines Joy from Africa to the World.

Setting Examples for the Future: A Global Stage for Local Talents

The V&A Waterfront leads the way, proving that local support can birth extraordinary masterpieces on a global stage. Beyond the art, beyond the installations, this collaboration sets an example for the future. It casts a spotlight on South Africa's capability to create awe-inspiring work that resonates globally, securing more opportunities for local talents and supporting more families.

A Salute to Creativity and Support: Acknowledging Our Partners

To the V&A Waterfront and Platform Creative teams—your relentless support and boundless creativity are inspiring. To the media teams, your role in sharing these narratives is invaluable. Together, we continue to spotlight South Africa's capability to create awe-inspiring work that resonates globally.

Don't miss the chance to witness the magic unfold at the V&A Waterfront. Join us in celebrating a fusion of creativity, sustainability, and local talent that goes beyond borders. Ashanti Design is proud to be a part of this extraordinary journey, crafting dreams and sustaining stories through the artistry that defines Joy from Africa to the World.

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