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Project Spotlight: Lava Lamp - Nandos Ely - Ireland

Project Spotlight: Lava Lamp - Nandos Ely - Ireland

This stunning installation is right at home in Nando's Ely restaurant in Ireland. The installation consisted of three massive lampshades, each featuring over a thousand meters of yarn, woven together over a period of six weeks.

One of the biggest challenges in creating this installation was getting the lampshades to their final destination. Due to the size of the pieces, commercial air freight flights were not available from Cape Town, so the lampshades had to be transported by truck to Johannesburg. From there, they were loaded onto a plane and transported to Nando's Ely in Ireland.

The lampshades were designed to not only provide ample lighting but also to create a focal point in the restaurant. Each shade was equipped with a long row of lamp holders, allowing for multiple light bulbs to be placed inside. Suspension and safety cables were also used to support the weight of each lampshade, as they were quite large and heavy.

In addition to the lampshades, the restaurant's high ceilings presented another challenge. Industrial pipes and electrical works were visible, creating an unsightly distraction. To remedy this, Ashanti Design created massive Lava Lamp inspired designs that acted as a ceiling cover, effectively hiding all of the industrial components while creating a beautiful focal point in the space. The designs also brought the focus of the space back down to eye level, making the restaurant feel more intimate and cozy.

Overall, the installation at Nando's Ely is a stunning example of how innovative lighting design can transform a space. By combining form and function, Ashanti Design was able to create an installation that not only provided ample lighting but also created a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. The project highlights the importance of thoughtful design and attention to detail when it comes to creating memorable spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests.

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