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Project Spotlight: Corporate Canteen

Project Spotlight: Corporate Canteen

This corporate canteen interior was done by interior designer Rikus Engelbrecht from Atljee Interiors and FC Cloete from Vagabond Kitchens. 

Ashanti Design Corporate Project


The designers approached us after a recommendation from another designer we'd worked with on the One and Only hotel.

Their original idea was to use our fabric for their seating areas. The idea was that they wanted our hand screen printed handwoven white cotton raffia material - which is what they saw at one and only. However that material rub count was not appropriate for seating, so we created a digital printed version of the material on a thick cotton canvas which we could treat with scotch and fire guard.

They also wanted to use lighting to bring down the ceiling about the tables, as the seating area had an extremely high roof. 

Originally they didn't want any woven elements but we managed to convince them to do a weave style on the custom Rikki lampshades. We ended up using 36 shades in the grid.

Over the POS counter we did an interesting exposed Mina Lampshade variation.

We also ended up collaborating on the first version of our privacy screens which were placed along the walk ways next to the tables to create more private eating areas. 

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